Friday, August 14, 2009


Hello my sweets, hope you're all well and looking forward to a wonderful summer weekend. I know here in NYC we all are. According to the forecast, we should have sunny yet not frying hot weather this coming Saturday and Sunday.

I'm busier than ever, I have so much going on right now, I can't even sleep because my mind won't stop pouring me with hundreds of ideas every minute. The Rainbow Girlz inspired me so much that I'm working on several different series on that same style and I literally have dozens of ATCs already sketched and inked and ready to be painted, embellished and sparkled with lots and lots of glitter!!! And at the same time I'm painting dozens of class projects like there's no tomorrow, hoping that I'll be getting a venue soon so I can form a group of students to teach decorative and folk art painting . There's stuff everywhere, my studio looks like a mad artist is at work (duh, it is!!!!) I have clay pots, watering cans, glass vases, metal and ceramic charger plates, candles, wooden plaques, canvases, serving trays, coffee mugs, jars and drinking glasses, pitchers, you name it! I got all the prepping out of the way in one go so I could get down to the fun of painting as soon as possible. I really don't like that part very much, I wish I had someone prep everything but alas, I'm no Old Master with aprentices to do the dirty job for me so I have no choice but to do it myself. Oh, well, I try to get into a trance like state while I'm doing it and let my mind wander as far away as it wants to while I'm getting the pieces ready. I pretty much spent three solid days sanding, basecoating and sealing all the raw surfaces I had stashed in my closet and cupboards and now I'm having a ball creating fun and easy pieces that even my beginner students can paint right away. I shall be posting pics on my Folk Art blog as soon as possible.

As if all that weren't enough to keep me busy for the next decade, in the meantime I decided to work on a little experiment to see how I would react to music on a very visceral level and allow my hand to paint without thinking at all, simply moving from palette to canvas motivated only by the music till I came to a natural stop and called the painting finished.

I was quite surprised by the outcome of this mad scientist experiment. Here are the results:

The first one is an 18"X24 stretched canvas painted with oils while listening to the song "Animal I have Become" by Three Days Grace ( I just kept playing the same song over and over and the tortured and gruesome scene below is what was born out of that enraged song.

And here is the result of listening to Vivaldi's The Four Seasons ( Again, an 18"X24 stretched canvas, this time painted with acrylics:

I was quite moved (and haunted) by the emotions that took over my mind, body and soul and when I was done, what I saw in front of me only reinforced my belief that art, music and how and what we feel are so intimately related and connected in a very visceral way. Try it for yourselves and see what comes out of your own souls.

Anyways me luvs, I've got to go home and back to work. I have so much in my plate right now but I'm having a fantastic time. I just don't want to let all that get chaotic and end up feeling overwhelmed.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend, have fun, enjoy yourselves and your loved ones and be blessed with lots of creativity and the desire to make the world a little better and more beautiful with your art.

Many hugs,


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