Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'm such an airhead!!! I had two more ATCs to show and as usual, I forgot to add them on my previous entry. Anyways, here they are, the first two are mirror images of cute folk artsy little birds. Both were done on Crescent Cold Pressed Illustration Board (love this support to bits, my very favorite!!!) with Prismacolor Markers, Winsor and Newton Drawing Inks, Metallic Gel Pens and Higgins Waterproof Colored Inks. The butterfly was executed using the same materials plus sequins, dimensional metallic acrylic paints and glitter, gotta have glitter....lots of it!!!

Hope you like my little creations. I'm on a roll, ATCs are so a total blast to make and a wonderful way to relax and relieve stress. After so many weeks of doing nothing but bigger size colored pencil pet portraits, I really needed a break and those cards were a wonderful way to indulge myself with pure, unadultered fun!

Many hugs,


Rose said...

My Sweet Irish Sis,

Thanks for the update... was starting to worry about you! I love your cards the best... I can tell how much fun you had with them, they are all awesome, also the girls on your last post.. so sweet and beautiful! Glitter rocks! :) I am sorry your son is going away and you will miss him. Think of things that make you happy, continue on in your good health and enjoy the sunshine!!! You know I'm thinking of you and pray you get a computer soon! Love you, Rose

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