Saturday, May 2, 2009


Good Morning my darlings. I have a feeling this is going to be a good day indeed. I'm going to the Art Student's League in a moment to speak to one of the intructors about the upcoming summer classes and take a sketch from life class as well, oh so excited! Haven't sketched the human figure from life (or otherwise for that matter) in quite awhile, let's see how hard it'll be after so long!

The weather still not nice outside, totally overcast, so I haven't taken a picture of the finished Anne, the Usurper, but I took pics of the two cats I started yesterday. The one with the amber eyes is being done on Art Spectrum Colourfix (I sanded it to make it less bumpy) and the one with the green eyes, on U-Art Sanded Pastel Paper 600 grit. Not much progress since yesterday, I only played a little with the amber eyed one while waiting for the coffee to get ready. If I work on either one some more today, I'll post an update later tonite. BTW, so far I'm using pastel pencils only. Gotta get that can of fixative I'm familiar with since the one I have didn't agree with the colored pencil layering. Crossing fingers that the brand I've used before won't cause the same problem.

I wish you all a wonderful and cheerful weekend.

Many hugs,


Dors said...

The eyes are really coming to life here. I will be following these two little cuties.

Jade Erin Scarlett said...

Thanks Dors. Hopefully I'll have some time today to play some more and I'll post an updtade when possible.


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