Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hello my darlings, hope you're all doing fine and having a creative and productive week. I've been unable to paint this past weekend or yesterday, so I don't have much to show other than the finished "Anne, the Usurper". The pic's still not 100% good since it's been raining and overcast in NYC for the past few days. But we had a wee bit of sunshine yesterday so I had a chance to take the photo below. I'm hoping to resume working on the two cats this afternoon and whatever progress I make, I'll post a pic later on today or tomorrow afternoon.

Without further ado, here's my sweet black labrador, "Anne, the Usurper". She was done on a 9.5"X12.5" sheet of Hahnemmuhle Premium Grey Velour Paper with Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils, Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils and Nupastels, using my incredible Icarus Drawing Board.

Many hugs and have a bright and cheerful week.


Marjorie Dawson said...

THis is such a vivid and dynamic portrait. I hope you are extremely satisfied with how it turned out.

Congratulations on a wonderful piece of work :-))

Holly Durr said...

Quit doing such good pictures, your making me want to buy one of those drawing boards!!! No just kidding, he-he. :D That lab looks really good. Really realistic. Keep up the Good Work!!!

Jade Erin Scarlett said...

Thanks girls, your words mean a lot to me.
Holly, go ahead and get the board, you're gonna looooove it!!!


Dors said...

Awesome job as you always do. The detail is superb ... Love it.

Rose said...

Two thumbs and two toes up!!! This is so lifelike Jade!!! So proud of you for all you have put into this 'new' medium for you... you really have come a long way and you are the best of the best!!! Hugs and love, your sis, Rose

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