Friday, May 1, 2009


I've been busy today, but luckly I got plenty of time to finish Anne, the Usurper and start two new cats. I'm trying on some new papers, so let's see what happens. So far, I'm still not liking the Art Spectrum Colourfix, even though I sanded it slightly, it's still too rough, even for pastel pencils or sticks, for that matter. It's like painting on a rock! The U-Art Sanded Pastel Paper though, it's awesome, what a difference from Colourfix! I didn't like it with cps only, but when using it with pastel pencils, I feel like they're a match made in heaven. I'm currently testing both the 400 and the 600 grit. So far I like both, but the 600 is ahead just a bit. I have yet to try the Wallis Sanded Pastel Paper, which I already have and I'm planning on painting a bird on it, and tomorrow I'm getting a sheet of Fabriano Ingres, some people love this papel, they swear by it, so let's try it, right? Oh, yeah, almost forgot, I have a sheet of Hahnemmuhle Pastel Paper to try as well, I think I'll use it to paint another tiger.

Anyways, we had a horrible rainy day today, so I couldn't take decent pictures of Anne or the kitties, but this little sweetie here was a b'day present for someone, so I couldn't post it before, since that "someone" actually reads my blog and I didn't want to spoil the surprise. Here's a pic I took last week before framing it. If the weather permits, tomorrow I'll take another picture of the framed version, it's just gorgeous! Hope you like her as much as her new owner does.

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils on Crescent Suede Mat Board

Nite, nite, my darlings, have sweet dreams and a wonderful weekend.



Dors said...

Just beautiful delicate. I love it

Jade Erin Scarlett said...

Aww, thank you so much for commenting Dors. Glad you like her.


Anonymous said...

This is so sweet, I love it...made me think of Bambi.

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