Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Good Morning my darlings. It's a rainy, greyish day here in the Big Apple, and I wish I could stay home warm and dry, painting, but, alas, I have things to do, so before I leave to run some errands and whatnot, I thought I post a wee little update on Deirdre.

Didn't do much on her this morning. Just added some more layers all over (except the ears and nose) with Prismas Deco Peach, Deco Orange, Mineral Orange, a little Sienna Browm and Grey Slate. On the ears, Polys Sanguine, Caput Mortum Violet, Naples Yellow and Van Dyke Brown as well as a little Pablo Venetian Red.

After laying down the above colors, I did some aggressive blending with a tortillion dipped in Gamsol. Oh, yeah, almost forgot, I added another layer to the iris with Pablo English Red and Brown in the pupil. Around the eye, a little Pablo Indigo Blue.

Still, lots and lots more to do before Deirdre's finished, but I have lots of stuff to get done now and probably won't go back to this sweet girl till after dinner. We'll see....

Have a wonderful and cheerful day.


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Holly Durr said...

That's so cool you live in NY city. I've never been there, though I used to live in Atlanta. I have to admit, I love the slow pace of my country life. I'm a hillbilly through and through, LOL.

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