Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Thought I post a little update (I stole a little bit of time before cooking dinner...) and worked a wee bit on Deirdre.
Basically using the same colors as before, plus some Polys - Caput Mortuum Violet, Medium Flesh, Blue Grey, Dark Sepia and Burnt Sienna. Just going over the darks, adjusting the values here and there, not much, just playing and having fun. I used OMS to smooth the pigments as well as my embossing heat tool with a Derwent Burnisher.

Now it's time to do the fine details, really refine the colors, the strokes and the values, finish the eyes, add the whiskers, you know, that kinda things. But unfortunately, it can't happen tonite.

BTW, it's a lot lighter IRL, especially the blues and purples on her forehead. Note to self: learn how to manipulate images on Photoshop the proper way!

Hugs and nite, nite

My location: In the kitchen, cooking dinner, want some???
My mood: Bouncy
What I'm listening to: Beethoven's Piano Concerto # 5 (my favorite music in the whole wide world)


Katerina Koukiotis said...

his beautiful love the smooth shading and colors!!
i bet whatever you cooked was yummy :)
have a good weekend

Dors said...

Coming along great. watching for your updates on Deirdre.


gaffergirls.com said...

hi Jade...
just found your wonderful blog.
mona & the girls
have a great week!

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