Monday, April 20, 2009


Hello me luvs, I have one more update before I turn off the lights in the studio, "Deirdre's" very tired and she's going to bed early tonite.

Didn't do much other than pick up several colors, Prismas - Henna, Greyed Lavender, Rosy Beige, Clay Rose, Goldenrod, and Parma Violet; Pablos - Brown, Venetian Red, English Red and Violet; Lyra Polycolor - Pompeeian Red. I kept them all in my left hand and just kinda grabbed whatever felt right and started to establish some values. Went over the eyes once again with a flat wash of Pablo English Red on the iris and Pablo Brown on the pupil and around the eye.

That's all my darlings, tomorrow there will be lots more, I promise.

Many hugs and nite, nite everyone
My location: In the kitchen, about to clean up the after dinner mess
My mood: Tired and sleepy
What I'm listening to: Vivaldi


José said...


She looks to be a fine animal and I'm sure that she deserves a great portrait.
Do you think that she'll be abble to recognize herself, or dogs don't have that abbility ?

Kind regards,


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