Friday, April 3, 2009


Another sleepless night, nothing new there, so I started sketching some new projects from Anne DeMille Flood's book. I'm almost done with all the demos, YAY!!!

Not much else to report, going to have a shower now and hopefully wake up (now I'm sleepy...) with a cuppa joe and carry on working on the many pieces I have sitting all over my desk. Geez, I have paintings in all stages of development scattered all over the place, better finish them once and for all!!!

I'm using Prismas, Polys and a few Pablos on these two cuties (Golden Retriever and West Highland White Terrier) and both are being done on Hahnemuhle Premium Velour Paper in tan and white. Looooove this surface, thanks again for it my sweet friend and "Jade sister" (love ya!!!):

T.G.I.F.!!!!!! Have a quiet and relaxing weekend.



Rose said...

You're on a roll my dear sister! You are doing great! And it was my pleasure to help you with the papers... you really have put them to good use! I am so happy you are back to creating full time... and that you feel okay now. I was worried about you! Wish I could share a cuppa with you today! xoxox Rose

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