Thursday, April 2, 2009


Top o'the morning to you all. It's going to be a bee-you-tee-full day today, I slept for a full six hours last night!!!!! I still can't believe it!!! Wanna know my secret??? I had my I-Pod on playing Paula Horan's Centering Meditation (the instrumental only) and it put me to sleep like a baby.

Here's a sample for your enjoyment:

Thanks heavens no appointments or errands to run today, I have leftover dinner from last night, so no cooking and the house is pretty tidy, so no cleaning. YAY!!! You know what that means??? Painting, painting and more painting!!!

Just brewed the most divine cuppa irish brekky tea, in the process of sending Jack to school, going to walk Quincy right after that and then, tata!....straight to the studio and to painting to my heart's content. I want to finish Tufty and the Rottie today. Here's where he is at this point:

I can't post Tufty's progress since my camera's out of batteries and I don't want to scan it because I haven't sprayed it with workable fixativ yet and I don't want to smear the paiting or the scanner with pastel dust. I guess I'll just post him when he's finished (and framed - already have the frame picked, yay!).

Have a wonderful day, hey it's almost Friday, so how can it not be!!!!



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