Saturday, April 18, 2009


Just in case you're wondering who's this Dr. Reid I'm so into that I named my horse after him, here he is, Matthew Grey Gubler on the set of Criminal Minds as Dr. Spencer Reid, my favorite geek, I'm so into the cute geeky type! Isn't he dreamy???.........Awwwwww.......Soooooooo in love........

Many hugs and have a great weekend.

My location: Still in bed, it's 8:30AM on a Saturday people!!!
My mood: A little sleepy but eager to start painting
What I'm listening to: Nothing, I'm watching my Criminal Minds DVD ;p (and daydreaming about my Dr. Reid.....)


Rose said...

Morning sweet girl... aha! So that is the hunky Spencer Reid ... woo hoo! You go girl! And your paintings just keep getting better and better. Thank you for the appreciation of the paper. Glad I can help you with things you would like.. your talent ROCKS! ;) Spencer too! LOL Have a great day!

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