Friday, April 17, 2009


Since Spooky is taking a break (he can't stand to look at my face anymore), I went back to the pretty little horse I started a few days ago. I've worked some more on the background (not happy with the color, will definitely change it) and gave the pretty boy an all over wash of Prismacolor Jasmine followed by another one of Beige. Will be trying some NuPastels on the background and see how I like it. I love colored pencils on Velour paper, but pastels go even better on this surface, like butter really. Amazing support, try it, you'll love it! (Thanks again for this paper dear sis Rose, you're my guardian angel, I'll always appreciate everything you did and still do for me, love ya!)

I think I'll call this sweet boy Reid (as in Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds - in love with him!!!)

Many hugs,


My location: Busy cleaning up the kitchen

My mood: Tired but very creative

What I'm listening to: Pachelbel - Canon D

What I'm reading: Still Dante's Divine Comedy

What I'll be watching later: The Blue Bird (with Shirley Temple)


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