Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I've had a really busy day today with doctor's appointments, then I had household chores and needed to rest for a while. Luckly I found a little bit of energy to work a bit more on Spooky after cooking dinner. But I'm really knacked now, so I'll definitely be going to bed early. Here we go, the little that I managed to do tonite.

Basically, I had on my left hand the following Graphitint colors: Mountain Gray, Cold Gray, Warm Gray, Dark Indigo and Storm Blue as well as Prismacolor Clay Rose, Greyed Lavender and Rosy Beige along with a Cretacolor Nero # 1 Black pencil. I kept playing and switching the colors around, adjusting values, smudging with a tortillion, wetting ever so slightly with a damp bright brush, lifting bits of color here and there with mounting putty and a battery operated eraser. I also modeled the eye a little further with another layer of Graphitint Ivy and a little Meadow and Cool Brown on the shadowed areas. I kept my pencils sharp and used loose scribble strokes, long and short, always following the growth of the fur and adjusting pressure according to how light or dark I wanted the values to be.

That's all for tonite, me luvs. I'm very tired and need to go to bed. But as you all know, I'll probably hear Spooky's call around 4-5AM and pick up where I left off.

I'll leave you with wishes for a good and restful night.


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