Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Top o'the morning to you all, my luvs! I tried my best to sleep last nite (and I kinda did) but around 4AM I couldn't help but get up to the sound of Spooky's purrr calling me to come and do some more work on him. I gave in, made myself a nice cuppa Irish Brekky Tea, and resumed painting.

I decided to start by working on the eye to really bring Spooky to life, and all the colors used in the following layers were Prismacolors. With a very light touch and circular strokes I layed down a wash of Jasmine followed by Chartreuse. I then started to model the eyes with Terracota all around the iris, Deco Yellow followed by Yellow Ochre on either side of the pupil, Tuscan Red under the upper lid to reinforce the shadow area and Black to darken the pupil and the rim of the eye.

Next I aplied a little color to the nose with Graphitints Cocoa and Mountain Grey followed by Cretacolor Nero # 1 and # 4 Black.

With a damp small bright brush (synthetic/sable mix) I softened the Graphitint Indigo Blue on the fur by using the side of the brush to follow the direction of the growth of the fur. Once that dried, I darkened some of the values even further with Prismacolor Cool Grey 90%.

Even though it's hard to see in this scanned image, I layed down an all over flat wash of Prismacolor Clay Rose with light pressure, sharp point and circular strokes, leaving the brightest highlights free of any color. Over the Clay Rose, I used Prisma Warm Grey 50% with long loose scrible strokes following the direction of the fur. And under the lip, I used a little Prisma Black Grape.

That's all for now, I have some appointments this morning and will be out till noon, but I'll go back to my cute Spooky after lunch and will post an update as soon as I have one.

Have a cheerful and creative Tuesday.

Many hugs,

My location: Purryland
My mood: Chipper
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pencilportraits said...

Been awake at the witching hour myself many a time, makes you brain dead the next day. I do love your colour pencil art by the way, you must have got the nack for it as I recognised the Ann Demille portraits straight away so perfect rendition!

Jade Erin Scarlett said...

Thank you so much for your comments, I admire your art very much as well. And you're right, I learned almost everything I know about pet portraiture from Anne DeMille Flood. She's an amazing artist and I adore her style and how sharing she is with her knowledge.


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