Monday, April 20, 2009


Hello my darlings, hope you're all well and may this week be a blessed one for all of you.

Here's a teeny tiny little update, since I only had a little bit of time to work on Deirdre today.

Basically all I did was give this pretty girl an all over flat wash of Poly Ivory followed by a another wash of Prisma Jasmine, not worrying too much about my strokes but keeping a light touch. I dissolved both layers with a Yasutomo Niji watercolor brush filled with Gamsol, very gently, barely touching the surface, just a whisper really. OMS can blend things beautifully but if not used properly, it'll remove the pigment and make a hole in your paper!

Next, I started on the eyes, finally! So far all I've done was to give the iris a flat wash of Poly Ivory followed by Prisma Yellow Ochre, and contour the eye as well as fill in the pupil with Poly Van Dyke Brown (I did both the iris and the pupil with a very sharp pencil and a light touch. I left the highlight free of any color and did some strokes for the dark fur surrounding the eye with the same Van Dyke Brown, following the growth of the fur in that area.

On the nose I used Prisma Henna with a very sharp pencil, light touch and circular strokes, leaving it lighter on the top of the nose, thus showing the Jasmine underneath.

And at last, I started to map out the direction of the fur growth. I saw a lot of pink hues on the ref pic, so I decided to use Prisma Rosy Beige, very sharp point, light touch and loose scribble strokes. I didn't want to make any commitments just yet, so all I really did was make some notes on the direction of the strokes. Next step I'll start commiting by beginning to establish the values.

That's all for now, me luvs. More to come later (hopefully!).

Wish you all a wonderful and productive week.



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That is looking awesome girl!

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