Sunday, April 19, 2009


You know those paintings that just refuse to cooperate? Deirdre's been a bad girl again. After the whole panic with the background, I thought, phew! I fixed it! Then I moved on to try and lift some of the green pigment that had find its way into Deirdre's fur. I first tried it with a putty eraser. Not so good. Moved on to a battery operated eraser. Didn't work either. My last resort - Scotch Matte Magic Tape. Did it work? Oh, yeah! It lifted the pigment alright...along with bits of the paper!!! I just wanted to cry....

So, I sat there staring at Deirdre and thinking, what am I going to do now? Give up and start over? Hell, no!!! I decided to try something that could very well or very wrong. I cut a small piece of Mona Lisa Super Micro Abrasive Film and very, very gently "sanded" the offending areas to level the paper again. This type of abrasive film is designed to polish the last coat of varnish on a wooden piece to give it a glass like effect. It's very gentle but you never know... Thank heavens, it worked! So far I applied a layer of Cream all over Deirdre and the damaged areas don't appear to be different from the rest of the paper. Nevertheless, I won't be singing victory yet, let's see what happens with the subsequent layers.

Anyways, my darlings. That's all for tonite, going to watch a movie now then go to bed. New updates will come tomorrow, promise.

Hugs and nite, nite


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