Friday, July 9, 2010


My newest adventure on mixed media. I tried to combine my love of poetry in this piece and used one of my favorite poems by Edgar Allan Poe. Although he's not necessarily my favorite poet, I happened to come across a rather haunting portrait of him and I just knew I had to use it somehow. Hence, the first of what I'm planning of making into a series, "Dead Poets Society" named after the movie, which I happen to love. Whenever I watch "House", I still can't believe that Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) was Neil, it's been a very long time since the movie indeed! (Note to self, put movie on top of Netflix list and watch it again)

Anyways, now that I used the image of Poe's I liked, I can move on to the poets I love the most, my Irish ones, of course! I know I want to do Seamus Heaney next and the series will go more according to whichever poem inspires me at the moment (hence Heaney, since that's what I'm reading now) as opposed to creating in order of most favorite poets. Will see how it goes.

For this piece, I used everything but the kitchen sink. Just kidding (kinda). It was done on a wooden plaque I got on sale from Michael's for $ 0.50 and it's aproximately 8"X10". After gessoing the board (for better adhesion), I selected some vintage scrapbook papers and an old music sheet, and glued everything with a semi-gloss gel medium. The border I did with torn papers from an old book. Then the fun really began. I started distressing the papers with acrylic paints, alcohol inks, distress inks, sanding paper, you name it. I added texture with bubble wrap, sequin waste, paint bottle caps and polymer clay texture stamps. After selecting the bit of the poem I wanted to use, the title, the image of Poe and his last name, I printed everything on an ink jet printer, distressed all the elements and glued and transfered the image in place. Last, I stamped his name, embossed it and added some final details with charcoal pencils, Shiva Paint Sticks and some more distressing. Finished it all with several coats of clear acrylic sealer. Hope you like it.

Many hugs and wish you all a wonderful and restful weekend,



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