Monday, March 22, 2010


Hello my darlings, it's been such awhile I had to read my last post to see what I was up to then. Didn't change much, still working in a mad frenzy to finish the studio before the end of the week so I can have the open house this coming weekend, otherwise I'll have to wait another three weeks since the week after this next one is Easter. Oh, well, no whining and lots of work.

I finally managed to make the money I needed to buy the furniture I needed for the studio. Can't say it was with the money I made selling my art, instead, it was with money I made selling my art "supplies" and DVDs. I'm still horrified, petrified, mortified, terrified, all the "fieds" you can find. I find selling art supplies, books and art instructional DVDs a sin. But I had to make a choice, it was either that or my financial situation would get to a point where opening the studio wouldn't even be a possibility any longer. So I choose the one medium I haven't used in the longest time, in fact , have used only for a very short period of time and in any case I can't use it in my own studio anyways, I have to go to the Art Students League if I want to paint with it. So it comes to be that my oil painting supplies where the unfortunate ones chosen to leave their cozy little alcove in Jade's studio. You should've seen me showing the stuff to the guy who bought it, I was almost not allowing him to touch the stuff. I'm sure he thought I was totally weird. Oh, well, weird or not, he got the stuff for the price I had in mind after the customary bargaining. And I was lucky it was so fast. I placed the ad on Craig's List and sold it the very next day. The DVDs I sold on Ebay and that was fast as well, three days after listing (it was buy it now). Anyways, enough with the crying over my art supplies, I'm sure we've all been there before.

The best part of last week was of course Saint Patrick's Day. The parade was a blast as usual, and I truly enjoyed the day. Unfortunately, stupid me accidentally deleted the pics. I'm still beating myself up over that one.

Above you see the pics I didn't delete. I finished another three walls in the studio, now I'm left with another six, three of those are murals, the others will have paintings, some already done, and three yet to be painted. I really have to get moving here.

I wish you all a wonderful and creative week.



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