Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Good evening, my darlings. Hope you're all well and having a creative and productive day. I've been super busy today, as usual, running around trying to get everything set up to be able to sell my art at the Artist's Market Place at Union Square as well as certain locations in the Village and Soho and trying to book more church bazaars and crafts fairs for the Holiday season.

Didn't get to do much art today, but made some great new artist friends both online and IRL.

As for the rest of the evening, I think I'll just call it a day, despite the fact that I want to paint badly, but in all honesty, I'm pushing myself too hard these past few days and I'm still recovering from the concussion I suffered in the head. My doctor's been adamant about prioritizing my health and resting until I'm reallly well. Oh, well, that's what doctors always say anyways, and even though I agree I should slow down a bit, give me a break, resting more??? I'll rest when I die, that's what I have to say. I have never felt so creative and productive as I'm feeling lately and the holidays are just around the corner, I can't have the luxury of resting, too many ideas, too many projects to do and nowhere near enough hours in a day to do all I want to. Why do we even have to sleep anyways? What a waste of time.

Anyways, I have to get some dinner ready for my ravenous son hovering over my shoulder but I'll leave with two note cards I made for a very, very special lady whom I love dearly and whose birthday is in a few days.

Nite, nite, me luvs, have sweet dreams.



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