Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hello my luvs, hope you're all well and flowing with abundant creativity to create beautiful art. I know I am, finally out of the funk I was for awhile due to my health. I'm definitely back to keeping my pencils on fire! I just started a commission this morning, a pretty pitt bull female puppy. The photo is atrocious but I have to make it work, since it's a surprise present for the owner and the client can't ask for other photos without raising suspicions. I'm gonna have to use a lot of artistic liberty to fill in all the gaps, but I know that as long as I get the markings and colors right and most importantly, capture the puppy's personality in her beautiful jade green eyes, the portrait will turn out great despite the handicaps of the reference photo. I'm taking pictures of every step and recording the entire process and as soon as I have my own computer I'll post the wip as a tutorial for your entertainment.

Other than that not much else to report. I'm continuing to take good care of my health, following the doctor's directions faithfully and doing my very best to get better and not let myself fall into the pit of depression again. I can't allow this issue to distract me from my goals, someway, somehow I have to find a balance between doing all the things I have to do so my body will heal and adjust to this new condition as well as keep up with my master plan to achieve the goals I set for myself this year. I know that with the power of my faith and a lot of hard work I will make all this happen.

The weather's been so lovely in NYC these past few weeks, I can't believe it's almost mid July and the temperatures are steadily in the mid seventies with no humidity and a wonderful breeze to keep us nice and cool. I've been taking long walks to the park with my son and while he has fun in the swimming pool or skateboarding, I find myself a nice spot under the cooling shade of a tree and get my pencils out to skecth the beauty around me or simply let out some of the millions of ideas I have every minute. I really hope the weather stays this way, I can't stand when it's above ninety degrees and the humidity makes even the shortest of walks a sweat fest!

My time's almost up at the computer in the library so I'll leave you all with my best wishes for a wonderful and creative week.

Many hugs,


Rose said...

Jade, you are so wonderful... your website changes to reflect how much in love with art you are... thank you for adding me to your lovely website... I hardly deserve it and wish I had the talent you had, both in updating websites and most of all, in painting and drawing... you really have the knack of getting it done. I do pray you are enjoying the time in the park on your walks and wish I could be with you. Also glad you are doing better healthwise and praying you get your computer soon. I know how much you would like that. Miss you, sis... keep smiling and hug your son for me! xoxo Rose

Dors said...

Hi Jade
Pleased to hear your health is improving.
You seem to be very positive and that's a good sign. Enjoy your walking and I hope you get your computer soon.

Look forward to seeing your new commission. Miss you Hugs Dors.

Jade Erin Scarlett said...

Rose dearest, you do have an amazing talent, and I admire your art very much. it's an honor to have it on my website. thank you so much for your support and friendship and I wish you were here so we could walk together in the park. As for the hug, no worries, it'll be delivered to Jack as soon as I get home!

Dors, thank you so much for your kind words, I hope I get a new computer soon so I can stay in touch more often.

Many hugs,

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