Thursday, April 16, 2009


Spooky's almost done, just need to adjust the values and bring lots of punch with some seriously light hightlights that I'll do by lifting the color with putty eraser, Scotch Magic Matte Tape and whatever else works!

Didn't really do much other than darken the fur with Prismacolor Warm Grey 90%, Black, Steel, Blue Slate, Clay Rose and Celadon Green, smudging a little here and there with a tortillion dipped in OMS and another dry. BTW, he's much lighter IRL but my PSP skills are non-existent, this is the best I could do...

The whiskers I did with a 5mm mechanical pencil with a 2H lead inside. Now it needs a little highlight which will be done in the next installment.

BTW, the client is extremely happy and as far as she's concerned, she could be taking him home today! Oh, well, be patient, he's almost ready, I told her. But I'm pleased to know that she's another happy customer. Woo Hoo!!!

Many hugs,

My location: The Big Apple (with a worm in the center ;p)
My mood: Tired but very busy and creative
What I'm listening to: Beethoven's Piano Concerto #5 (My favorite music ever)
What I'm reading: Dante's Inferno. Did you ever realize he was really self-serving when making the circle of Lust so mild compared to the other levels of hell? Maybe that was the sin he was most guilty of, so he made it easy on himself....


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