Monday, February 23, 2009


Marvellous weekend, managed to accomplish so much, both with my art and the more pedestrian things in life. Finished two of the ACEOs sitting on my desk waiting patiently to be painted, got to about halfway through with my fairy tale piece, started working on the written part of my secret project and sketched some ideas before they disappear in the land of dreams...

Off to a good start this week, woke up really early today, sent my son back to school after winter recess (all of last week), took my chihuahua Quincy for a long walk, and now back home and about to get busy in the studio with a nice cuppa charlie, but first I think I'll scan and photoshop the new ACEOs and do a little networking and see what you guys are up to this morning.

I'll leave you with two playful abstractions I did yesterday, so much fun! Both were done on Arches 300lbs Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper with Daniel Smith Watercolors and Winsor and Newton Drawing Inks. I simply poured the watercolor pigments on the paper, moved it around randomly and let the paint sit in whatever way it wanted. I used some additives to create special effects, mainly alcohol and Golden Acrylic Flow Release. I then looked for any forms that could look like something recognizable and enhanced it with the drawing inks. On the first one I had a hard time finding any shape that could be something. After a while I thought I saw what looked vaguely like a crab therefore the title Crabstraction. The second one was easy, I saw the flowers right away. It was so relaxing and so much fun to create these pieces, a real blast!



Have a wonderful start of a new week.



Rose said...

Hi Jade, wow!!! I love that second one, the alcohol really gives it some bubbly life! The colors are WONDERFUL! Such happy accidents!

You are so funny, your cup of Charlie? LoL... glad your son got off on a good start today back to school, Quincy got his walkie and you got so much done this weekend. You are on a roll.. can't wait to read what you're writing and of course, the sketches you've done. You really have come a long way, baby! ;)

Hugs to you and happy week!!!

XO Rose

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