Friday, June 11, 2010


Hi everyone, hope you're all having a wonderful and creative week. I finally am, had a super busy Monday through Thursday, but today I finally got a chance to sit down and create some art. I've joined several swaps at ATCs for All ( over the course of this week and I'm having a blast creating all the cards. Here are two Zentangles (black and white and black, white and green) for a PIF thread plus three of the four Zen Flowers I made for the Zen Flower Swap. I find that making Zentangles are a way to quiet my mind when I have so many ideas and want to do so many things at once, that I end up feeling overwhelmed and frozen. It's not only relaxing, but it also makes all the ideas in my mind come to me in a more orderly and quiet way. If you haven't played with this yet, maybe you should give it a try. I'm totally loving it!

Anyways, my loves, I should go now, have to do a little baby-sitting for the next few hours and then back to the drawing board, ready to create the tons of ATCs I have to and get them all out in the mail ready to swap. I'm so excited about trading cards again, it's always such a pleasure to open the mail box and find precious little works of art. BTW, I traded one of my "Faces" ATC (Mauve) and received in return a painting of "Green Jack" from "A Nightmare Before Christmas" (one of my favorite movies) and I absolutely love it! It was created by the very talented ATCs for all artist Voula Vitzilaiou (lazyshadows), all the way from Greece. Here's a link to my newest addition to my card collection: Isn't Jack awesome?

Have a wonderful weekend.



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