Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Top o'the morning, my luvs. I wish for you all to have a wonderful Tuesday! I woke up in an extremely good mood and full of energy for another day of non-stop creating art. Oh, well, that's how I wake up almost every day anyways, but for some reason, I'm extra bright and cheery this morning.
Weather's nice, just came back from my morning walk and I loved the cool breeze and sunshine. Just trying to enjoy whatever is left of this pleasant weather before it turns really cold and nasty.
I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait for Christmas and I've been in "Holiday Mode" for a month already! I guess this year I'm so excited about Christmas due to my last year's wonderful experience at church and reconnecting with the Divine. I'm so looking forward to midnite Christma's Eve mass and Christmas Day mass and the beautiful music of the holidays services.
Anyways, my darlings, time to go to my studio (below) and get some work done. That's my favorite place in the world! Have you all a creative and productive day.



Holly Durr said...

Have a great day Jade!

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