Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hello everyone, it's been awhile since my last post. As usual I've been super busy and unable to get to a computer. However, that has changed thanks to my dad who gave me a computer as a birthday gift yesterday. YAY!!!! I'm so thrilled I can hardly contain my happiness!!! It's not installed yet since I have to wait for my little brother to come to my place and take care of it, but that should happen soon, I hope. So, for now, I'll still need to come to the library or to my older brother's place to use the internet.

I would like to share some news with everyone. I've added a ton of new products to my Etsy store and I've also opened a new store with ArtFire. I'm really enjoying creating note cards and other bits and bobs and so far I've sold a bunch of my floral cards both on my online stores and at a church bazaar this past Sunday. I'm planning on attending several Christmas bazaars and craft fairs this year so I'm working like a mad woman creating as much and as fast as I can to be fully stocked for the holiday season.

If you want to take a look at all the goodies I have for sale, take a look here:

I have some super sales and free stuff so don't be bashful, come on in and sit down for a nice cuppa while browsing my store.

Yesterday was my birthday and my best friend planned a wonderful day for me and her parents who are visiting from England. Everything was going well till we sat down to have coffee and pastries at a cafe in Soho. We took a table outside since the weather was beautiful and we wanted to enjoy the sun and soft breeze. Just a few seconds after we placed our order, a delivery van was parking when it hit a street sign and the whole thing fell on my friend's dad, Mike, hitting him on the right shoulder, arm and leg. It was a horrific thing to witness and I'm still very traumatized by the whole experience, the ride in an ambulance, the police officers taking the information and all then rest of it. Poor Mike was in so much pain he couldn't even move or speak when the paramedics arrived to take him to the nearest hospital. His sweet wife Rita, the most amazing lady ever, was in a state of shock and even though she was able to maintain herself unbelievably composed, she couldn't stop saying what have they done to my poor sweet husband? And my best friend was crying hysterically, poor thing, having to see her dad in that state. I didn't know who to comfort first, I just kept hugging and soothing everyone and trying to remain calm, all the while battling a hypoglicemic episode which always makes me feel very poorly, all shaking, confused and with a heartbeat so fast, it feels as if my heart is about to jump out of my mouth. What a day! Thank God Mike's okayish now. Even though he is still in a lot of pain, no a single bone was broken and we were able to leave the hospital before nightfall. So that's the story of my birthday, a day that was supposed to be wonderful and turned out to be a nightmare. However, I am ever so grateful to God for protecting Mike against a much more serious injury. And in the end, all I really wanted was to be able to celebrate my birthday with some of the most amazing, sweetest people I've ever met - Mike and Rita, as well as my best friend. It didn't go as planned, but thank God everyone's fine now and the best part of all - we are all together.

Anyways my luvs, I've got to go now, I have a million things to do and my time's almost up in this computer. I'll leave you with a few of my new floral note cards and I call this collection "Royal Tapestry", a set of four cards done with a rich and opulent palette of burgundy, gold and turquoise painted in a baroque style. Hope you like it.

Have a wonderful and creative weekend.



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