Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hello everyone, hope you're all well and super busy and creative. I know I am, just like the Duracell Bunny, I just keep going and going and going....

WOW!!! Summer's gone already! It seems like it was just yesterday I went to my son's graduation and he's already back in school. Last week the first year students had orientation everyday from 9 to 12, except for Friday. Yesterday was the official back to school day and despite the fact that I think he looks very handsome in his beautiful uniform, I have to say that he is one very unhappy puppy, he can't stand the uniform, particularly the tie. Oh, well, better get used to it since like it or not, he's gonna have to wear it for the next four years!

I have some great news to share with everyone. I'll be back online very soon. Within the next couple of weeks I should have a brand new computer and I'll be able to get back in touch with you all, on a daily basis! I can't believe it's been soooooo long!!!!

Also, I just created a brand new gallery with all my decorative painting items and I have to say that is a breeze to upload photos. It was super fast and super easy, way better than Flickr or Photobucket. If you want to see what I've been up to lately, take a look here: This gallery showcases all the handpainted items I have for sale as well as class projects for my new students and a lot of special things I've made in the past and gave it to friends and family as Christmas gifts.

Talking of Christmas, can you guys believe that it's almost holiday season again??? This year went by so fast my head is spinning!!! I'm looking forward to all the street fairs and church bazaars I'm planning on attending to sell all of my handmade Christmas gifts.

Yummy, just the mention of the holidays makes my mouth water with thoughts of delicious Thanksgiving foods and desserts! I just realized my stomach's growling, I'm so hungry, when did I eat last? Ooops, I think I forgot to have lunch, better go and get dinner started.

Before I leave, I want to let everyone know that I'm having a super back to school sale. This week only, everything is BOGO, buy one, get one half off! And I've added some brand new items as well.

Many hugs and have a wonderful weekend,


Dors said...

WoooHooo It will be great to have you back on a regular basis. You have been so busy... maybe I should get off the PC for a while hehehe. They are so time consuming but then we wouldn't have the great friends that we do if we didn't hop on the PC each day.

Glad you are getting a new PC.
Glad us girls don't have to wear a tie everyday. I can sympathise with your son.

twincedar said...

It is hard to believe summer is almost gone! I do not like cold weather but I think this winter will be colder than last! Glad to see you posting!

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