Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hello me darlings. I've been mia for the past couple of days since my computer crashed. I'm at the library at the moment to let you know I'll be absent for awhile, till my brother stops by to fix my computer. Knowing my little brother, that could be one day, one week, one month, who knows??? I'll try and come to the library as often as I can, but I'm totally swamped with art work right now, so I may not show up for days.

Just wanted to let you all know that I'll be missing you all very much and I promise to be back as soon as possible. I have lots of goodies to show and share, so bear with me and pray that little brother does his brotherly duties fast!!! I'm totally freaking out without my computer!!!

Wish you all a wonderful and creative week.

Many hugs,


Dors said...

Miss you already ..Come back soon.
I have a son just like your brother. this week next week whenever LOL..

Take Care. We are all computer junkies. hehe..I can't be without mine either.

Rose said...

Oh Sweetie, so sorry. I know that feeling. My PC has been acting up for a while now as is my scanner... so I sympathize with you. Just keep all that artwork ready to display when you can finally get back online in your own home. I pray your brother shows up soon!!! Miss you and so sorry I have also been out of touch.. but we'll catch up soon! xoxoxo Love ya, Rose

twincedar said...

Sorry about your computer. Looking forward to seeing the artwork when you come back!

Domonyi Károly said...


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Teresa said...

Hi Jade,

Have enjoyed browsing around your blog... love your art and found your tutorial on using a heat gun very interesting. I haven't gathered the nerve to apply heat yet.... I'm thinking about it!

Hope you're soon back up and running with your computer.

Katerina Koukiotis said...

dear jade ,
i miss you and hope your pc problems get fixed soon!!

Rose said...

Hurry back!!!!! Having withdrawals...xoxoxox Rose

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