Thursday, May 7, 2009


Oh, well, art accidents happen. All the time. I came home a little while ago and went straight to the studio to resume working on Vetiver. All was going well until...the paper got saturated, and I'm not ready to stop layering yet. Arrrgh, hate when that happens. Anyways, I'm hoping that spraying it with a few coats of workable fixative will give me two, maybe three more layers, so I better come up with a plan to complete this painting. When life gives you lemons...

I won't be spraying this piece till Monday though. Last time I used the current brand of fixative I have, I wasn't too happy with the outcome. My plan is to go to Pearl Paint after my doctor's appt. on Monday and get a can of the same brand I've always used and never had a problem. So, Vetiver will be taking a weekend of R&R. Lucky her! This is what she looks like for the time being.

While Vetiver is taking her weekend of leisure, I'll be working on Frappuccino, a sweet little hazel eyed puss. I'm working with ArtSpectrum Colourfix and I have to say, even though I sanded it a little to make it less bumpy, I still don't like this paper. I gave my best try but I just cannot come to terms with this surface. It didn't work with cps and it doesn't work with pastel pencils or pastel sticks either. I'll try to finish Frappuccino, but this is it, last time I'm using this ground.

Next on my list of papers to try is Wallis Sanded Pastel Paper. I haven't decided yet whether I'm using it to paint a chestnut horse or a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Decisions, decisions! I drive myself crazy!!! Like I said before, so many papers, so many ideas, so many projects in my head and nowhere near enough time to make all of it happen. I only wish a day was 48 hours long. Either that or I wish I didn't need to sleep at all! Maybe then I'd be able to get all the things I have planned finally done!

Anyways, without further ado, here's Frappuccino. It's a 7"X9" sheet of Colourfix paper and I'm using Cretacolor and Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils, as well as Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Colored Pencils. Hopefully I'll be done with this little fella before the weekend so I can start on either the horse or the King Charles, or both, why not??? This urge to paint is unstoppable, it's hammering in my head and it won't stop till it's satisfied...which is pretty much never!

That's all for now. If I have any more updates on Frappuccino tonite, I promise I'll post it, if not, he'll be showing his sleek feline self tomorrow after lunch.

Many hugs,


Jordanka Yaretz said...

You do such beautiful work.

Stephen Baird said...

beautiful beautiful. what a talent you have been given. nikonsniper

Jan Pope said...

Forget the sanded paper. Try an Ampersand Pastel Board. Great surface for colored pencil or pastel work. And, best of all - you can use a clear acrylic spray as a finishing coat and frame without glass.

Rose said...

Jade, my sis... you just never cease to amaze me.. you get a lemon once in a while and make lemonade! I am so glad we reconnected after the longest time, and yes, we will keep on keeping on, we are survivors. Love you... Happy Mother's Day tomorrow! xoxo Rose

Artist Unplugged said...

Hey Jade, noticed you started following my blog....not sure why but I will try to go somewhere interesting for you to see!!! Love your work. I do alot of graphite pencil drawing and some colored pencil but want to do more colored pencil work....your blog looks like a really good resource! Thanks for dropping by my site!

Katerina Koukiotis said...

beautiful work jade!!! *hugs*
I don'y like fixatives either they smell horrible and some of them can change the colors of artworks , i have one from krylon for all art meduims and thats what i use but i restrain myself from using it too much :)

I want to wish you a happy mother's day *hugs*
enjoy your special day xoxoxoxox

Jade Erin Scarlett said...

Thank you for your comments everyone. I truly appreciate you taking the time to comment on my entries. And Happy Mother's day as well and many, many hugs.


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