Monday, March 16, 2009


As promised on my last entry, here's a pic of the bigger and better Tufty. I forgot to photograph the very first layers but basically all I've done so far was lay an all 0ver wash of Cream, followed by Yellow Ochre and Goldenrod (all Prismas). The dark values I began establishing with Sanguine followed by Indian Red (Polys) on the cheek, neck and mane. On the ears and the eye I used Van Dyke Brown (Poly) followed by Terracotta (Prisma). Around the lips and nose, Indigo Blue (Prisma) and the light areas right above it, French Grey 10% (Prisma). Most of the edges were softened with fritch scrubers in various sizes.

That's all for now, my darlings. Maybe later on (but most likely tomorrow) I'll post an update.

Super Hugs,


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