Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I haven't done much on "Big Tufty" since I was really busy yesterday with doctor's appointments and a visit to the awesome, most spectacular event of the year: "SAINT PATRICK'S DAY PARADE ON FIFTH AVENUE!!!!!!" along with a few pints of Guinness, not much, just two and a half pints and an unbelievably yummy dinner of corned beef with cabbage and potatoes (cooked by yours truly, of course) followed by irish soda bread and a perfectly brewed cup of irish breakfast tea. I was a good girl this morning though, and I worked on Tufty for a little while.

Here's a little update, I defined the eye a little further with Indigo Blue and Van Dyke Brown (Polys), Black #1 (Nero), Goldenrod and Pumpkin Orange and Cream (Prismas) and Ivory (Poly). I'm continuing to model his face with Goldenrod and Pumpkin Orange (Prismas), Dark Terracotta, Pimento and Dark Burnt Umber (Coloursoft), Ivory and Light Yellow Ochre (Polys). The muzzle I defined a little further with Indigo Blue (Prisma), Black#1 (Nero), Ivory, Indigo Blue and Dark Sepia (Polys). The ears got some more Goldenrod and Mineral Orange (Prismas) on the light side and Loganberry (Coloursoft), Sanguine (Poly) and Dark Umber (Prisma) on the dark bits. I tried to keep things soft for the time being, by blending the colors with small and medium sized fritch scrubbers.

I hope I got the names of the colors right. The way I do things is by picking up whatever colors I think will work (don't even know the names half the time, I choose by eye only) and I have the whole bunch of pencils along with the fritch scrubbers on my left hand, then I just get whichever color I need with my right hand. I did try to scribble down what color and brand I was using, but I might have missed a color here and there. Sorry about that, I'll try to be more accurate next time. It's just that I tend to get very into it and most of the time I'm completely spaced out when I'm painting...

I should have another update tonight since I have enough leftovers from last night's dinner, so no cooking tonight which means more painting time. YAY!!!



Rose said...

Tufty is looking wonderful Jade!!! I am jealous, what a great dinner you had and you got to see the St. Patrick's Day parade in NY! Wow... I miss NY! My son is still sick, so we're still hanging out. Thank goodness for anti-emetics. I am just tired of this household being so sick all the time. I love how you work.. you are so ambitious! Miss ya! Keep going, girl.. great stuff! xoxo Rose

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