Thursday, March 19, 2009


I was very happy with the way Tufty was coming along but now, not so much anymore. I'm really unhappy with the background and at this point I'm not even sure if it's worth finishing it.

This morning I did some more work on him with the same colors mentioned previously and the BG I did with Sennelier Soft Pastels. I have no idea what the color names are but I used three layers in the following order: some sort of dark blue like Indigo Blue, a brownish red, like Indian Red and a blue-green (similar to Prismacolor Peacock Green) all blended with stencil brushes. I wasn't as careful as I should've been around his edges so now I have to fix it as best as I can. Then again, I haven't even decided whether or not I'm finishing this piece. What do you think? Can it be saved at all? Your brutally honest opinions are very much appreciated, since I don't want to waste more time with something that can't be saved. I have too many other projects going on, so if you think Tufty's hopelessly ruined, do say it, please!



Katerina Koukiotis said...

wow another stunning horse portrait jade!! you're so natural drawing animals, i love the combination of color pencils you used!
I do that often too start layering colors especially if i want to go darker! i love how you did his skin it looks like oils !! one thing i love about prismacolors they tend to give that look!
keep up the OMORFO work *hugs*

"JeanneG" said...

I just love the bunny and the St Bernard.
Very nice job.

twincedar said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours, your colors are wonderful!

Rose said...

I love it Jade!!! xoxox Rose

PS Check out my blog when you feel better, I gave you an award! Twincedar gave it to me and I'm passing it on to you. You just have to copy/paste and fill in your own blogs. :) This gets the word going round about our blogs. HUGS!

Candace Trew Camling said...

he is NOT ruined!! It just needs a little tigtening up with some darker darks and crisper lines around the exterior. The shading is fantastic though... you've obviously been staring at it too long. Maybe stick it away for a few days and then you'll see! You are really onto something!! Lovely!

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