Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It's been awhile since my last post, still real busy with the colored pencil cats and dogs demos I'm working on. I'm learning so much from Anne DeMille Flood's book, I highly recommend it to anyone interested in how to render realistic pet portraits in colored pencils. I also got a couple of animal kits from Ann Kullberg and they are both fantastic, very detailed instructions and beautiful step-by-step pictures. As soon as I finish the siamese I'm working on currently, I'll definitely start the orange tabby kit.

My dear artist friend Rose sent me an incredible lot of different papers to try my cps on and so far I've tried one that could be Strathmore Series 500 and this paper is truly amazing, it took so many layers, over fifteen, and still grabbed the pigment after all that layering. I'm totally in love with this support, it's even better than Stonehenge and I shall find out the exact name and type this week and let y'all know when I get it. You guys really have to try it, it's beyond belief awesome!

Thank you sooooo much my sweet friend, love ya!!!

Here's another one of my pet demos, a Saint Bernard this time. It was done on the Strathmore paper I mentioned above with Prismacolor and Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils, which I'm loving more and more by the minute, even more than the Prismas to be honest. The purpose of this exercise was to learn how to render a dog's nose, with its characteristic texture and moisture. I think it turned out pretty good, what'ya think? I'm almost done with a siamese cat on suede matboard and I'll tell you all about this surface when I post the kittie, very weird but surprisingly pleasant to work on, but that's a story for another post...

Many hugs and have a beautiful and cheerful week.



Rose said...

Love you too, my favorite girl! We've been friends for so long I can't remember the first time I saw your fantasy art... XOXOX You're doing great!

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