Sunday, March 29, 2009


Oh, my, yesterday I really was hyper, must've developed temporary ADHD! Oh, well, I accomplished a lot, did so much art related stuff I'm kinda glad for the hyper-activity. Like the said goes: If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So, I couln't sleep, then I got busy creating beautiful things! That's one heck of a lemonade if I may say so!!! XD

Anyways, I finally managed to calm down after a hot shower and some chamomile tea. I then went to Union Square, browsed the art technique section of Barnes and Noble, walked around the farmers/local artists market, went to Blick and Pearl Paint to do a little shopping for some extra colored pencils. I wanted to try the colors that were suggested by some artists at WetCanvas, to match the now defunct Prisma Decos. None of them really really matched the Decos, but some came close. Blick Beige is the most similar to Deco Orange, Caran D'Ache Pablo Apricot comes close as well. Coloursoft Rose is very similar to Deco Pink, but not a dead on match. Blick Ice Blue applied very lightly is almost the same as Deco Blue and Derwent W/C Turquoise Green is almost the same as Deco Acqua, but I hate Derwent W/C pencils, they're so hard and scratchy, I'm still looking for another brand to match the Acqua. Couldn't find anything at all to match Deco Peach :( and the little a have left is nothing but a tiny stub now and I love that color so much!!! Oh, well, if anyone can suggest a match, please feel free to share ;p

I also got a back-up for the White Aquarellable Stabilo 8052 that my sweet Rose sent me. I was already at the store anyways and the pencil only costs $1.16 so I figured it'd be worth to get some more, instead of having to spend four bucks on a Metrocard just to get a new one when the old one is caput. I strongly recommend that pencil. It is undoubtely the most opaque white cp you can ever find and it really goes on beautifully and strongly over dark colors.

Anyways, my darlings, I'm off to mass now and then spend the rest the day in quiet meditation, praying and as always, devoting Sundays to my spiritual needs.

Wish you all a marvellous and peaceful Sunday and see y'all tomorrow.

Many hugs,


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