Thursday, February 26, 2009


Nice and quiet morning, woke up feeling a lot better than yesterday since I actually slept a whole four hours! Shocking!!! I'm still on a very colorful mood, my hand seems to reach for the brightest hues almost on its own. Not complaining, I like the cheerfulness of it and I'm actually having lots of fun.

I finished the written part of my sooper seekrit project (got that from Goddess_of_Art - sooper cute, huh?). The whole thing is coming along as planned and it's turning out to be quite good. I'll let you know very curious...;-p

Trying to get as much done in the house before noon. Have to be at another parent teacher conference by 12:30PM and I really don't want to come back home to more chores. My plan is to have lunch after the meeting and then paint to my heart's content. I've started another colored pencil piece today. It was good to do some loose and relaxing watercolors after the incident with my fairy tale piece. I needed that to get myself back in gear. I feel almost ready to go back to it now and hopefully it'll be done before the deadline. But first my hands are itching to continue painting a chestnut horse I have already began. The background is already done, this time with colored pencils, no more watercolor disasters with this one. I figured I should get over and done with the BG and then start the fun of bringing life into my horse. Should be ready by tomorrow.

Before I go, I'll leave you with another bright ACEO done on Arches 300lbs Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper with Watercolors and Colored Pencils. I call it "Four Brothers". Hope you like them.

Many hugs and have a bright and colorful day,


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