Thursday, February 19, 2009


I've been away for the past week and a half or so and so much has happened, I don't even know where to start!

Oh, well, perhaps I'll start with my stupid computer that crashed yet again leaving me unable to get on the net. I had very limited access online for the past few days and basically I just quickly read entries and posts while using the library computer. I know what you guys are up to, I've been reading your journals, just haven't posted any comments, I really don't like to do that when using a public computer.

I've been also very busy working on a secret project I'm not ready to share yet and this thing is giving me major headaches! I've started it several times but haven't yet got it, at least not as perfect as I want (and need) this to be. I have a pile of failures sitting on my desk but I'm hopeful that the one on my drawing board will finally launch and be the success I'm working so hard to achieve.

Last week was full of appointments and other engagements as well. Things like doctor's and dentist's visits, PTA meetings, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and the best one - a visit to my son's new Specialized High School.

It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to meet with his future teachers, fellow students and the Head Master. I'm so proud and happy that he'll be going to a school where one's not only expected to study a lot, but also to follow a very sctrict code of conduct, as well as to wear a beautiful and respectable uniform consisting of chino khaki pants, long sleeved white oxford shirt, black shoes, wool navy blue vest, white and red striped tie and navy blue blazer with golden buttons. They look so prim and proper and preppy, I'm thrilled! My son, not so much. Oh, well, the way I see it when you're a freshman in high school you already have enough to worry about, excluding whether or not your clothes are as cool or as expensive as your classmates is a big deal. The school logo says it all: "To whom much has been given, much is expected in return" (all that in latin).

He is really going to have to work very hard and dedicate 110% of his life to school. The workload is very heavy, at least three hours of homework everyday, extra-curricular activities, clubs, latin and math state competitions, even community service, all students are required to serve 150 hours of any community service of their choice, and that is so good, since it shapes their characters as well as preparing their intellects for the future. They are also required to give four annual public declamations in front of the whole school and prepare one independent research a year for every subject he's taking. His first year's subjects are: Latin, Ancient Rome History, Art History in the Ancient World, English Language and Literature, Physics, Calculus and Advanced Spanish. I couldn't believe when I saw the books he'll be reading in his first year: Homer's Illiad, Sophocles, Virgil, Khalil Gibran, Shakespeare and Cicero!!! And that's nothing compared to his third and fouth years, when he's required to take all of his classes as advanced placement courses, which are far more difficult than regular courses but also will give him the opportunity to use all of his AP courses as credits towards his college of choice. WOW!!! That's a lot! One thing is for sure, I would be in heaven if this was my High School, it's right up my alley!

Oh, well, better stop myself, as you all can see, I'm one proud mama, and my baby sure does make me burst with pride. He got a ticket to a very select club and he should be proud of himself everyday for doing it so, he sure as hell worked like a maniac for one of the coveted Specialized High School seats and he well deserves it.

What else? Oh, yeah, Valentine's Day was a blast. We started the day with a present hunt which was so much fum. I loved to see the gleam of joy everytime my son found a little gift hidden. It was a blast. Can't wait for Easter to have an egg hunt!

We cooked a delicious and festive meal of roasted pork chops on a bed of onions and apples as well as beefsteak tomatoes filled with ricotta, bread crumbs and blue cheese. Yummy! For desert, obviously, we sent ourselves into a chocolate coma!

Anyways, this has gotten way longer than I planned, so I should stop for now. No new art to share, but I'll soon have some new stuff to show.

Many hugs and I miss you all,


Katerina Koukiotis said...

(((jade)))so good to see you back!! we missed you, so sorry to read about your PC!! it just sucks when they go wrong!! especially when we use it for so much!!!
were you able to fix it? or did you get a new one?

Your sons news are so wonderful and you have every right to be a proud MOM!! you both deserve all the best , the school your son is going sounds so professional and they take no nonsense, in my opinion if more schools were like that maybe things would be different and more pleasant for kids to enjoy school and activities.

Good luck with your new project i hope all works out and can't wait to find out what it is :)

Have a wonderful weekend
talk to you soon

Jade Scarlett said...

Hi Kat, I've missed you too my sweet friend. Luckly my brother was able to make my computurtle work again since I cannot afford to get a new one right now. So I should count my blessings that my little stinker puter still going...for now...

I agree with you about the schools. If more were as strict as the one he's going to, I believe there wouldn't be as much violence and lack of good structure in the rest of the schools that just allow teens to run wild. I'm so happy and proud of my little boy. What am I talking about, he's already towering over me and mind you, I'm pretty tall myself - 5'10", so you can imagine how huge he is!!!

Hugs and have a nice weekend,

Candace Trew Camling said...

you are so sweet! I hope your project gets up and running. I think we all know about failure. Usually the projects with the most reject sketches turn out to be the best, so I am sure that is what will happen!

I always have all my doctors appts at the same time too. I dont know why that happens.

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